Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The first walk with Irshad

1st Jun 2007

Waking up in the middle of the darkness, (hmm.. 6.00am is still too early for me since the previous job i need to wake up around 6.30am to 7.00 am hahaha... ) get prepared and tucked in the guts and ready to face the first experience of the major 2nd job. The feeling? excited , anxiety, nervous mix up together blended making a cup of butterfly in my stomach. The same feeling of 3 years ago when i start my job as outdoor trainer with Halim Mazmin group. Arrive at Irshad house i waited.. waited and waited......( am i late ?? )then after 10 min Sri appear. (Sri is irshad's wife!). "Morning Madi... You are early!!" warm and friendly greet from her with the accent of indonesian english. Irshad appear and greet me with friendly smile. Without wasting any time i jump into his 4 x4 toyota hilux and we went to The Datai Hotel...

Arrive there the welcoming sign are from the dusky leaf langgurs (pic) with their anxious look. They making such a symphatic noise like crying. Theres few of them and suddenly we spot a baby monkey aged less than 1 year crying and screaming. It just the turning black. ( baby langgurs are orange color). We realize that the langgurs are going to cross the road using the trees with the last branch nearly open for 4 feet and the height around 11 feet. The group already at the other side of the road. Crying and preparing to jump, we wait...wait... and hah........ the baby langurs make it....AMAZING. ..

" If compared to human world is nearly same as asking your 2 years old children crossing the highway alone" say Irshad.