Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oriental magpie robin and woodpecker

i went back to my wife hometown this week celebrating Hari Raya. I brought all my fancy photography equipment since my wife hoping i'll take pictures during hari raya. I did.. bird picture. hahaha.. she soooo upset. btw this are some tyo share with..

1. oriental magpie robin. This bird famous among malaysian since one of tv commercial. BUrung apa?? burung murai..burung apa? burung murai... hahahaha....

2. this jumping spider had a very good meal for breakfast.

finally i nailed woodpecker picture that i sastified. Common woodpecker female.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun trip.

Today i go to Ulu Muda Kedah. A very interesting short trip. We didnt spend enough time there but it worth to peek what's in that remote area. ( if you dont know where's ulu muda google it.. hehehe). The trip mainly to survey a site that under construction for wildlife watching. We bum into trace of few group wild elephant, tapir trails and lots more. That cool. I wish to spend 2-3 night observing these creature.

Btw here's some of the picture i manage to capture.

1. Cup Fungi

2&3 This is weird one. Can someone please tell me is this is not water scorpion?? Do scorpion swim meh?..

4. NIce Flies.. i dont know what species.. "Hmmm... i do need more research before i post anything rite??"

Anyway cheers...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Red wattled Lapwing

I manage to capture this lovely bird this afternoon. when the sun nicely shone to this grammy award winner. Why grammy award winner? because they're one of the best acting skill in bird world. Lapwing nested on the ground, aka no nest. they just drop the egg on the ground and put some pebble to make it more camouflage. Every time their enemy approach eg. monitor lizard, snake even macaq monkey they either pretend they have broken leg or broken wing to ensure their enemy will try chasing them and divert the direction furthur from the nest to safety. this is what i call The grammy award winner in bird world.