Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oriental magpie robin and woodpecker

i went back to my wife hometown this week celebrating Hari Raya. I brought all my fancy photography equipment since my wife hoping i'll take pictures during hari raya. I did.. bird picture. hahaha.. she soooo upset. btw this are some tyo share with..

1. oriental magpie robin. This bird famous among malaysian since one of tv commercial. BUrung apa?? burung murai..burung apa? burung murai... hahahaha....

2. this jumping spider had a very good meal for breakfast.

finally i nailed woodpecker picture that i sastified. Common woodpecker female.

1 comment:

WChinner said...

I like the pic of spider eating! Perfect capture!

Today is my first time visiting your blog. Will put yours in my bloglist.